Season I


The Format of the show:

Each day of competition consisted of three distinct stages - Driving leg #1, Heads-Up Challenge, Driving leg #2.

Each team began the day by choosing their route; "My Way" or "The Highway". In the first leg, the teams had to reach the daily challenge checkpoint in the fastest time.

After all the teams completed the first leg of the race, the two teams with the fastest times in the first leg chosee a pair of teams (each) to compete heads-up in a challenge, in which the winning team swapped times with the losing team. If the team that went into the challenge with a faster time won the challenge, then they kept their time. The faster of the two times went to the winner of the challenge.

Finally, the teams competed on the road, similar to the first leg, but a time bonus was added midway on the routes, this added a whole new element to the game.

After all the teams completed leg two, the times for both legs (including time bonuses and speeding penalties) were combined. The team with the slowest overall time to complete the leg of the rally was eliminated from the show. They were returned the keys to their vehicle by Bill Goldberg, in which they had to immediately leave.

The Teams:

Team Charger     Team BMW

Team Chevy       Team F-150

Team Scion       Team Mustang

Team Honda       Team Lotus

Team Trans Am   Team Lamborghini

Team Oldsmobile Team Nissan

The Route:

Before each stage of the rally began, the teams were given two choices as to how to get to their destination: "My Way" or "The Highway".

-"The Highway" is a clearly laid out route that will ensure that the teams don't get lost, but it is not always the quickest route. It is generally easier, but may take longer to complete.

-"My Way" allows teams to choose a route to the daily checkpoint on their own. If chosen correctly, this route could shave off valuble time over the "Highway" route. the only problem is that there is a greater chance of getting lost.

The only rule of these two options is that once a team chooses "My Way or The Highway", they must stick to their route until the end of the second leg of the day.

The Rules:

- No GPS or Satellite Navigation systems can be used for the duration of the rally.

-No cell phones.

-No laptop computers.

-No radio or CD player.

-Speeding will lead to severe time penalties.

-An arrest will result in immediate disqualification.

-At the start of each day, cars may only leave when instructed to do so.

-Cars must start and finish each day under their own power. They may not cross the finish line on a flatbed.

-Obey all traffic laws

The Eliminations:

-Team Scion was the first team eliminated after choosing their route poorly, and severely lacking navigational skills. Upon being eliminated, the team storming off angrily.

-Team Nissan was eliminated in the second episode. Despite being one of the quicker teams in the first stage of the rally, they experiences mechanical problems in the first leg. Using a swapped RB26DETT engine from a Nissan Skyline, they were one of the few teams unable to repair their engine on-site. They were towed to both the checkpoint and the finish line, which in turn led them to having the slowest time and were promptly eliminated.

-Team Mustang was eliminated in the third episode, after losing a cylinder because of a broken pushrod in the second leg. They tried to push on with only seven cylinders, but decided against doing any more damage to their car and eventually ending up on the wrecker.

-Team Lamborghini was eliminated in the fourth episode after they decided that they would rather not ruin the car. The Lambo already suffered intimate relations with a Raccoon, an estimated $60,000 worth of damages, the car also suffered from a slipping clutch. The car finishing the final leg on a flatbed. They were then eliminated.

-Team BMW was eliminated in the fifth episode after forfeiting their place to Team Honda, who was originally supposed to be eliminated. Chuck of Team BMW faced the death of a family member, and J.R. chose to accompany him.

-Team Chevy was eliminated in the sixth episode after Cesar's restroom stop cost the team valuble time. All the teams were within a few minutes of each other.

-Team Honda was eliminated in the seventh episode. They finished last in the first leg, 24 minutes behind the closest team, and were unable to go up in ranks due to losing the challenge.

-Team Lotus was eliminated in the eighth episode. They sandbagged the first leg, but beat Team Olds in the challenge. Despite successfully delivering Operation Poison Arrow (sandbagging so that they came in last place) Team Lotus was confident that they would claim victory in the challenge. They got lost on the second leg and were eliminated.

-Team Charger was eliminated in the ninth episode. During the challenge, the Charger stalled three times due to the high altitude. Losing their second place time to Team Olds who was five minutes further behind. The other teams tried to negotiate with Team Olds to allow Team Charger to retry the challenge, but Team Olds refused because Team Charger had put them up against the Lotus in the Challenge the day before which almost eliminated Team Olds.

-Team F-150 finished in 3rd place in the final episode due to inheriting Team Olds' slow time from the first leg because they lost the challenge by 15 seconds. Team Olds placed in 2nd, only 9 minutes behind Team Trans Am. Team Teans Am claimed first place and became the first Bullrun champions!