team war wagon vid - how we are raising our entry fee!

So.  Aaron and I are actively raising money to do the full BullRun Rally.  However, we realized, that we have 3 open seats!  We are not asking for money, or other people to contribute.  If we get accepted, we are going to do the full Rally!  But we want to offer two people to go with us.

I don't understand the rules on how many people you can take with you, or the room situation, etc.  But if you are willing to sacrifice sharing a bed, we are ready to accept all the "newbies" like us to do the rally!  We are 100% confident we can do the rally, and if Andy and others accept, we want to bring more "newbies" to share the experience and spread the good word of Bullrun!!!!

We aren't a fast team, or an expierenced team, but if BullRun will let us on, we promise to bring me and Aaron, and hopefully two other fans with us and make a team!  Team Fan!  If that makes sense!  If this is stupid please let us know, but we want to share our ability to raise the proper money with other BullRun fans if this is possible.

Matthew, Andy, whoever, please let us know if this is do-able!

Corndog and Aaron!