As a BullRun Fan

To get Season 4 started off right, why don't we add some damn reason for America and the world to watch it?!  Why don't we have racial teams/ethnic teams/gender teams/etc.

I watched the movie The Condemed which I would never wish my worst enemy to watch.  But it got me thinking.  What if all parts of the world could root on their favorite team?  Like America would have two hillbilly ass dudes driving some kind of old ass monster truck.  Asia would have some super duper computer car that has technical problems but they fix it with soder and duct tape.  Australia would ride Kangaroos and have spears.  England would suck and not have anything but brag how good they are.  Africa would obviously have some kind of old toyota truck with a huge machine gun in the back (basing this stereotype 100% off of Blood Diamonds).  Mexico would have a slammed El Camino with a blower out of the hood that played Mariachi music all the time.  Women would have  Toyota Prius.

This could be forever in a day awesome.  Yes of course, I am joking about the stereotypes, but give a country something to root for damnit!  Canada would have some kind of neutral car and the team would collect trash on the highway while they rallied.  Americans could litter, or just attack other random teams for no reason.  If a North Korean Team existed they would just be balls out destroying everybody.

Don't forget the PIrate Element.  Which would be a Honda Element, driven by Pirates.  Who try to steal other people's rides and make profit. 

This post is 100% in jest and not meant to be serious.  If you've taken offense to anything i've said, please realize I'm just joking, except for the women driving the Prius.  That's locked.

As we move forward as a society, it's fun to laugh at the stereotypes that our countries have assumed.  Not fun to think people actually believe them, but more fun to think about the dipshits that have made them concrete.  People from the south are imbred.  People from montana like to have sex with farm animals.  Californian's are mexicans.  East coast people are mafia related.

What fun teams can you think of for Season 4?

Merry end of january.